Person Who Smokes or Vapes

Person Who Smokes or Vapes

Smoking is a a relapsing and remitting dependence condition and most people benefit from effective treatment. Everyone knows that they should quit smoking because of how it can affect your health, but when you’re smoking, it is like a dance between defiance and denial.

If you are supporting someone in their journey, remember that language matters. When you offer support to people who are experiencing tobacco dependence, check your language. Are you speaking down to the person who is experiencing tobacco dependence? Who else is on their team? People who are quitting smoking may need more support than what is currently available. Some people don’t have access to the right support. Don’t turn your back them, even if they start smoking again. Advocate for access to the best proven treatments. Create a culture of safe healing in your practice.

Remember, treatment is different for everyone–we’ve listed a couple resources below that can get you in touch with the right people.

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Honour your healing process and get the support you need from the people who understand. More text to make it at least two lines.

Learn from the First Nation’s Health Authority’s respect tobacco program.
Telephone Coaching
Enrol in the FREE Quit-now smoking cessation program here.
Medical Help
Medical treatments are available to help you. There is no cost to you, and 12 weeks of treatments are available from your pharmacist without a prescription, every year, for three years. Your family doctor can support your personal smoking cessation experience beyond the first 12 weeks.