Concerned About Risk

Concerned About Your Risk?

If you are a person who smokes or vapes, please visit this page here for information specific to your situation. If you want to calculate a risk percentage based on your individual factors, please visit the risk calculator here (if you do not have a password, please contact one of the members of our team).

There are many factors to maintaining good lung health. Read below to learn about some potential hazards to be aware of.

Environmental Air Quality and Climate Change

Air pollution is caused by airborne particles. Learn more about the air pollution in your area here. Find our your PPM in your neighbourhood or join a network of Canadians capturing air quality information through the Purple Air Project.
Indoor Air Quality
COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we think about breathing indoors. Here are some tips on to breathing indoors:
  • Get home air purifiers with HEPA filters
  • Read about Radon mitigation
  • Join a citizen science project
Wildfire Smoke
Wildfire smoke can affect people who have lung conditions. Visit this real-time map of wildfires in BC so you know when to stay indoors.
Here is a list of BC lung advisories to learn more about how wildfire smoke can affect your lung health.

Radon: A Toxic Gas from the Earth’s Core

What is Radon?
Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that is found in some soils, and it is highly concentrated in some Northern BC locations. Breathing in high concentrations of radon can contribute to developing lung cancer. This is especailly true if you are someone who smokes. Smoking more than doubles the risk of lung cancer when radon gas is present.
Learn about the risk in your area
  • See a map from a citizen science radon detection project at Simon Fraser University here.
  • Put your postal code in this map to see test results from homes in your area.
Buy a radon home test kit
If you smoke and have radon gas in your home, your risk of developing lung cancer is higher than the average person. Click here for info about the connection between radon gas and lung cancer.
Learn more about radon