Deliverables being delivered

At this time last year, my fingers were crossed and a baby idea was growing. Soon, a group of people who care immensely about lung health, prevention and equitable access to lung health services would hear the terrific news that the baby idea and all of the deliverables we promised were about to happen. Soon after, our experienced team of community advisors, scientists and trainees formed the initial AIRWISE study team. We convened and collaborated, overcame many hurdles and now have co-created a better way to share information about how to prevent respiratory illness. The AIRWISE study team had two big goals this year–1) to build a website and 2) to create a plan to implement it. Here we are, living, breathing proof that goal #1 happened, and guess what–just this week we achieved goal # 2. Kudos to the scientific and community advisors from across BC who came together and built this site. The free flow of ideas in our zoom meetings and our 1:1 phone calls and texts have put it all together: we needed an aggregated website, bringing together multiple aspects of lung health and offering a safe place for people to find out about what’s available to protect their lungs. We spoke up about the problems with many communications about lung health and proposed the approach in this AIRWISE website as a way to solve them. Deliverables have been delivered and it feels amazing. Thank you AIRWISE team members. Fingers crossed for the plan to implement it in 2022!

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